Von Bonehenge Great Danes Therapy Assistance Dogs
Our Great Danes are our pets and companions , but they are also working dogs. One of our dogs "job" (treat) is to visit nursing homes, hospitals and other facilities in the El Paso area. Our dogs are certified therapy assistance dogs through Delta Society and we belong to the "Paws For Love" Group in El Paso.
Our first certified therapy assistence dogs Babe' and Valcor.
Charger at re-certification 2001


Fleckenhaus Waneta V Bonehenge
Von Bonehenge Painted Quiver

Quiver and Heidi St. Patricks Day 2003




Parker (Von Bonehenge Quanah Parker, CD, CGC) is certified with Delta Society, but his Dad (Mike) has very little time for visits. Mike and Parker are volenteers at the National State Parks (Frankling Mountain State Park) He is patroling trails and guide other hikers.

Sammy visits Hillside Elementary School May 06


River visits Thomas Manor Elementary School

read the full story here


Over the years our dogs always have been certified therapy dogs and/or been involved in the community.

We love to particpate in repsonsible dog owner days and public education in schools
We also visit nursing homes and retirement centers!

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