From the Day they are born, our puppies start being handled and socialized! It is a full time job, 24/7!

Puppies are whelped in our home & exercised in sunshine (We have lots of it in El Paso, TX). They also get a helping hand using the best of modern puppy socialization techniques. Every moment you and I spend with these puppies before 4 months is socialization -- the socialization window closes at 16 weeks. It's now or never. Therefore what happens from birth to 8 weeks is crucial. We use the best modern socialization techniques and individually socialize each puppy using:

Dr. Carmen Battaglia's Early Neurological Stimulation is the beginning of a socialized puppy. Ever wonder how you get a super dog? You raise a super puppy.

The Rule of 7's. This is fun. Ever thought about finding 7 different things for a puppy to eat out of? Don't worry, we've already done that and more. They've also met 7 different people by 7 weeks, played with 7 different toys, been to 7 different places, slept in 7 different places, eaten in 7 different locations, heard 7 different kinds of music, smelled 7 different distinctive smells...

The New Knowledge of Dog Behavior, by Clarence Pfaffenberger, to stimulate the sense to get a happy, confident, curious puppy.

Potty Training -- no guarantees as to your consistency when you get the puppy home, but we have STARTED crate training, paper training, house training, and litter training.

Regular Toe Nail Trims. Sounds easy. Unless you've ever tried to trim nails on a puppy that wasn't handled properly.

Regular groomings. Again sounds easy. Unless you've ever tried to brush a ticklish puppy for the first time.

Car rides. They go to the mail box. They go to drive-thrus. They go to vets just for a cookie. They make 3+ trips to our regular vet for initial check-ups, then dewormings, vaccinations, and health certificates. They go lots of places so car rides aren't frightening by the time they go home with you.

Matching Puppies
"But I want THAT face."

OK. Most of our puppies are happily middle-of-the-road on temperament. They tend to be super-friendly by the time we are finished with our intense socialization. They have met strangers, new environments, some very supervised adult dogs. They are very prepared for their new home.

But if that pretty face belongs to a barn-stormer of a puppy and you're a quiet person who likes to watch TV, you're going to have trouble keeping the pretty brain out of trouble. If you have soccer kids over every weekend and teenagers floating in and out of your house every evening, than the softer puppy who is more hesitant, won't fit as easily into your home. You CAN make it work, but we try to eliminate as much work as possible by matching a puppy with your home.

That's why we take into account your color and pattern preferences as we evaluate the puppies -- even from birth, we are evaluating them. All puppies are wonderful, of course, so we also do objective evaluations and rank the puppies BEFORE the picks. In this way, the genetics of the puppy plus the early socialization we have done (above) are rated so that we place the puppies in the home that MATCHES them the best. So you're pretty face may be the best puppy for you, these evaluations will help us both determine that. Our evaluations involve: Lee Fishback's Training Lead Dogs @ 6wo

Temperament Tests @7weeks &

Volhard's Puppy Aptitude Test (PAT) @ 7weeks