"It shall be the goal of all to breed forward, never backwards, to attain pedigrees of puppies 
which have the desired color strains endorsed by the Great Dane Club of America"

Participant of the AKC Breeder of Merit program.


Thank you for your interest in a
Von Bonehenge Great Dane

As members of the Great Dane Club of America and Great Dane Club of El Paso we always follow and adhere to the Breeders Code of Ethics and follow the Color Code as suggested by the Great Dane Club of America.

We urge prospective new owner to take their time and learn about the Great Dane through books, magazines, and affiliated Great Dane clubs throughout the country. These clubs are made up of members familiar with the breed, and they are excellent sources of information. The GDCA's website, is a great place to start.

All our dogs and bitches are x-rayed prior to breeding and declared free of hip dysplasia by a knowledgeable Veterinarian or the OFA. We use all technology available to screen all animals to be used for breeding, according to known problems within the breed (e.g. OFA, cardiac check, thyroid check, vWD, PRA, etc.).

We spend the first few weeks and month socializing, testing and evaluating our puppies and litters.
All of our puppies will go to their new homes with a puppy packet. Our puppies are being raised following the Puppy Culture program.

We begin taking deposits only after the litter is born, as there is no way of knowing what colors and markings or what sex the puppies will be. We keep all puppies with the litter until at least 7 or 8 weeks of age and sometimes even longer.
All puppies have a signed agreement (contract) between us and purchaser that the animal shall be examined by a Veterinarian of the purchaser's choice (and paid for by that party) within 72 hours of purchase or delivery. If the dog is deemed unhealthy or possessing an inherited defect which would impair the use for which it was purchased (pet, show or breeding program) we will refund the full purchase price upon the return of the dog with a Veterinarian certified documentation of the condition. The puppy will be returned at the purchaser's expense.

I breed only to produce a puppy or litter very specific to improve my breeding program, something special for myself to show and compete with.
I keep 1 or 2 puppies the rest are sold as pets and show potentials.
Only 2 SHOW colors born in a harlequin litter, Harlequins and Mantles. There are several other colors of various combinations including pet-marked mantle, pet-marked harls and a variety of merles.

Pet marked/Companion (MERLE, MERLEQUIN, ETC) puppies start @ $1500,

Show marked (HARLQUIN & MANTLE) puppies start @ $2500!

All companion/pet puppies are given a limited registration and a written contract specifying conditions of sale (e.g. spay/neuter agreement, show or pet quality, co-ownership, breeding rights, etc).

We do negotiate individual contracts, so what we are posting here are standards. We are listing standard price ranges, but they can and will change from time to time, depending on the litter and the breeding.

Serious Inquiries please fill out our puppy application
and feel free to contact us if you have any questions
or need more information

We look to the past to breed for the future!

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